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Amauti - Not just a baby carrier, it's a utility for love and bonding!
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    Christine Persaud


To us, the rest of the world ceases to exist as we walk along the river on this crisp, winter morning. She sleeps so peacefully and we enter a mysterious realm that we have created; it is our little secret. I can feel our spirits fuse and dance together. I can feel every breath she takes, so much life and so much love. Oh, how fast her little heart beats. Her head rests against my back; snuggled against me. The warmth of my skin, the smell of my hair, the sound of my heart and the motion of every step I take through the crunchy, cold snow. We stop to just cherish every second that passes us by. The bond between her and I is strengthened beyond anything in this universe.

There is a certain glow and beauty of a woman wearing an Amauti, when you see her you know that there is a happy baby being worn with love.

UPDATE October 2014

- My prices for Amautis have increased (see Information page)
- As most of you are aware, I stopped taking orders a few months ago to focus and work on other things but I am willing to squeeze in a few orders during my studies. Contact me if you are interested in ordering.
- I'll only take orders for Amautis in size small to xlarge.
- Colours available: Black or Charcoal (dark grey).
- My home is no longer pet-free. I adopted two shelter cats. Those of you who have pets know how it is... lol It's possible some cat hair could end up on your amauti despite doing my best to remove any before packing and shipping the amauti.

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